Conference 2021

We are hosting our 3rd R-CHIVE conference this year in virtual format. R-CHIVE (Rochester Cultural Heritage Imaging Visualization and Education) is a collaboration between individuals, universities and organizations that share the passion for discovery, preservation and digitization of historical artifacts (art, manuscripts, documents, objects). The goal of the conference is to bring like-minded people together to learn about progress in the field and new discoveries made in the past couple of years. More speaker information and topics will be added when available.

Date: 30 June to 2 July 2021
Time: 12pm to 3pm EST daily

Confirmed Speakers and Topics:

Cultural value of the Sinai Imaging Project (Fr. Justin)

EduceLab:  An ecosystem for advancing the scientific foundations of natural and cultural heritage science (Brent Seales)

Range of techniques employed alongside the multispectral imaging for discovery (Kate Nicholson)

Comparison between Hyperspectral and multispectral imaging of palimpsested and damaged leafs (Alex Zawacki)

Demo of low-cost multispectral imaging system and software (Tania Kleynhans)

Optimizing Spectral and 3D Imaging for Cultural Heritage Documentation Using Consumer Imaging Systems (Keats Webb)

Studying Vermeer (John Delaney)

Resurrect3D: An online Platform for Visualizing Cultural heritage Objects (Gregory Heyworth)

“Tricks of the Trade” in Processing Multispectral Images for Text Recovery (Keith Knox)