An Alternative Approach to Mapping Pigments in Paintings With Hyperspectral Reflectance Image Cubes Using Artificial Intelligence
Tania Kleynhans, Catherine Schmidt Patterson, Kathryn A. Dooley, David W. Messinger, John K. Delaney

“Spectral Imaging” for Brill’s Textual History of the Bible
Three Priorities for Digitally-Enabled Research and Teaching in Manuscripts of Biblical Literature
International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)
Walkthrough of Spectral RTI in Mirador Illustrating Hans Christian Andersen Cutouts
Todd R. Hanneken

Multispectral Imaging for the Study of Historic Maps: The Example of Henricus Martellus’s World Map at Yale
Chet Van Duzer

Las imágenes multiespectrales para el estudio de los mapas históricos: El ejemplo del mapa del mundo de Henricus Martellus en Yale
Chet Van Duzer

Towards automatic classification of diffuse reflectance image cubes from paintings collected with hyperspectral cameras
Tania Kleynhans, David W. Messinger, John K. Delaney

CHNT 23, 2018Multispectral Processing Methods to Recover Text from theWorld Map by Martellus (c. 1491)
Roger L. Easton, Jr., Chet van Duzer, Kevin Sacca

Recovery of Lost Text: What the Scholars and Scientists Learn from Collaboration
Keith Knox

A Hyperspectral Image Spectral Unmixing and Classification Approach to Pigment Mapping in Historical Artifacts
D. Bai, D.W. Messinger, & D. Howell

Integrating spatial and spectral information for enhancing spatial features in the Gough map of Great Britain
Leidy Dorado-Munoz, David W. Messinger, Damien Bove
Anna Starynska, Roger L. Junior., David Messinger, 2017

New Technology for Imaging Unreadable Manuscripts and Other Artifacts: Integrated Spectral Reflectance Transformation Imaging (Spectral RTI)
Todd Hanneken, 2016

Spectral RTI
Todd Hanneken, 2017

Hyperspectral analysis of cultural heritage artifacts: pigment material diversity in the Gough Map of Britain
Di Bai, David W. Messinger, David Howel, 2017

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How I am discovering the secret of ancient text
Gregory Heyworth

Current research and education initiatives at the Image Permanence Institute
Jennifer Jae Gutierrez

Roger Easton and the Archimedes Palimpsest
Roger Easton

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