Workshop 2019

Workshop Presentations

Materials and Inks (Helen Davies, Kyle Huskin)
Spectral imaging and demo (Tania Kleynhans)
What Is Spectral (David Messinger)
ENVI Processing (Roger Easton)
MSI Processing (Roger Easton)


Summer 2019 Workshop
Spectral Imaging in Cultural Heritage

July 22nd to July 24th 2019

Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Rochester

The R-CHIVE workshop aims to share knowledge gained through years or working in the field of cultural heritage imaging and imaging science.

Workshop agenda highlights:

Essential Overviews:

  • Primary modalities used in field
  • basics of spectral imaging
  • Basics of image processing
  • Timelines of materials and inks

Hands-On Workshops:

  • Create palimpsest and image with basic spectral system – to understand fundamentals of spectra and imaging system
  • Image (own) manuscript leaf with high-end multispectral system
  • Basic image processing
  • Advanced image processing


  • Current systems available in the field
  • What’s next after imaging and processing
  • Bringing cultural heritage imaging into the classroom

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own damaged/ palimpsested/ faded leaf or fragment for imaging and image analysis. Please contact us to discuss object before attending.

Please contact us with any questions.